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Granite and Quartz Tile in Wayne, NJ

We offer a wide variety of different tile in quartz, granite, and other materials that can be used for any project that you might have in mind. Our employees have years of experience in remodeling and tile laying. We are ready to help you pick out the material that is best suited for your unique project in Clifton and Wayne, NJ.
Tile Materials
Whether you're laying down a new tile floor, setting up the walls in your shower or bathroom, or even putting together a mosaic for your living room, Clifton Tile Plaza has the kind of tile and service that you need. Some of the varieties of tile we offer include:
Quartz - Quartz comes in a wide array of colors, meaning you can make some beautiful patterns if you choose to go for a quartz tile floor or mosaic.
Granite - When properly sealed granite tile is extremely water resistant, meaning that granite makes for a great backsplash for any kitchen or the walls of any shower.
Marble - Marble is a tough substance that is hard to scratch and even harder to break, making it a great choice for dealing with how much wear and tear a floor has to deal with.
Porcelain - Porcelain makes for a great floor tile because it is highly resistant to stains and has a long lifespan, meaning that your porcelain tile floors will last for a while.
Ceramic - Ceramic tiles tend to be easy to clean, making them perfect for homes with messy kids and pets who might not be afraid of getting the floors a little dirty when they play.
If you're not sure which of these materials might be best for your project, come by the store in Wayne, NJ or call us at 973-955-4900 and ask for our advice. We are always happy to help our customers make the best choice for their tile projects.